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Book Chapter:


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Public Service Publications:


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Other Publications:


Williams, Linda M. 2015. Despite scarce resources, to improve relations many police departments have deliberately developed welcoming practices towards immigrants. Lond School of Economics USAPP - American Politics and Policy Blog, June 24, 2015


Works in Progress:


Williams, Linda M. Local Law Enforcement and Immigrants: The Role of Race, Neo-Institutional Norms and Economic Factors on the Degree of Welcomeness (Under review)


Williams, Linda M. Welcoming the Outsider: Public Libraries and Immigrants (Under review)


Williams, Linda M. Expert Knowledge and Policy-Making: Public Perceptions of and Preferences for Elite Group Influence on Climate Change Policy-Making


Williams, Linda M. Closed or Open Door? Public Libraries and Immigrants


Williams, Lnda M. Public Libraries and Hispanics: Organizational and Social Factors Affecting Perceptions and Use


Williams, Linda M. Perceptions of Worthiness: Street-level Bureaucrats Attitudes towards Immigrants


Williams, Linda M. To Naturalize or Not: Factors Influencing Hispanic Immigrants Decision-Making


Getha-Taylor, Heather and Williams, Linda M. Gender and Perceptions of Leadership in Collaborative Activities


Williams, Linda M. The Role of Collaborative Networks in Immigrant Integration.



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